CVRE Case Study

CVRE strove to make an impact in the pre-construction management and sales domain. Their ambition was to combine the core functionalities of multiple applications into a singular, comprehensive platform while adhering to a limited budget. They sought CJ Technologies to assist with this goal.

Project Challenges :

  • The goal was to seamlessly integrate several features like listing management, broker commissions, staff & sales management, builder information, notification capabilities, and user-specific data views into one platform.
  • We had to ensure of consistent data across the admin platform, website, and applications.
  • We had to achieve the desired outcomes within a limited budget.

Our Solution:
Our team developed a product suite consisting of all the desired features. An innovative 3D modelling concept was initially incorporated but reworked to meet the client's budgetary requirements.

After a development phase spanning 10 months, CVRE successfully transitioned to the new application, eliminating the need for several costly subscriptions. The new system allowed for significant savings and positioned CVRE as a forward-thinking entity in their sector.

  • Client:


  • Location:

    Etobicoke, ON, Canada

  • Technologies:

    Front-end, React Native, React, Next Back-end