Empire Distributions Case Study

Empire Distributions wished to upgrade its warehouse operations by integrating an advanced system to streamline sales, inventory management, and order-picking processes. Their vision was to have a detailed overview of inventory with features like expiry dates, location tracking, and a comprehensive sales system.

Project Challenges :

  • The challenge was developing a system that seamlessly integrates various functionalities like tracking expiry dates, inventory location, and a sales and order- picking mechanism.
  • The system needed to audit prices and amounts by connecting to QuickBooks, where the entire database could be mirrored.
  • The inherited site was riddled with bugs and had never undergone rigorous testing.

Our Solution:
We took over the project from a previous developer, retaining the existing tech stack: React, Firebase, and Node. We also eliminated unnecessary services, introduced cloud function connections, and transitioned the environment from a buggy state to a stable one with our professional services.

We refined the system over three months through iterative development and consistent feedback, ensuring it met the client’s requirements.

After three focused development phases and three initial launch attempts, the fourth launch was successful, backed by employee and order pickers’ feedback. The result was a rejuvenated, innovative warehouse application tailored to Empire Distributions’ needs.

  • In Progress:

    As of January 2024

  • Client:

    Empire Distributions

  • Location:

    Mississauga, ON, Canada

  • Technologies:

    Front-end: React Native, React Back-end: Google Cloud, Firebase