Hydra Security Case Study

Hydra Security, a security guard company, sought to create a high-yield, low-cost training system. Their vision was to create a platform that not only offers training solutions but also aids in recruitment and staffing.

Project Challenges :

  • The primary objective was to develop a system that provides a high return on investment while keeping the costs minimal.
  • We had to seamlessly integrate a website with a Chrome extension to offer a comprehensive training solution.

Our Solution:
To achieve the desired outcomes, our team proposed a WordPress project linked to Firebase. This approach ensured quick development with SEO optimization and custom training functionalities. The project was developed with consistent feedback from the client every week, leading to results that surpassed expectations. The entire project was completed in a span of 1.5 months.

Within ten months of marketing, the training system not only generated a return on investment that exceeded 300% but also generated passive revenue for Hydra Security. It also acts as a recruiting tool for new security personnel for client events and properties.

  • In Progress:

    As of Aug 2023

  • Client:

    Hydra Security

  • Location:

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Technologies:

    Front-end: React Native, React Back-end: Node JS, Mongo Atlas