Instaloop Case Study

Instaloop offers a unique solution to transform any Instagram hashtag into a dynamic live presentation. Designed for events and other scenarios, it enhances user engagement by showcasing live Instagram feeds without the constraints of API limits.

Project Challenges :

  • Direct utilization of Instagram's API was hindered due to stringent restrictions set by Instagram.

Our Solution:
To navigate around the API challenges, our team developed a Chrome extension that directly modifies an Instagram webpage. This innovative approach addressed the challenge and ensured a seamless user experience. After a dedicated 3-week development phase, the product was successfully launched with a freemium model. The extension provides a fun way to engage audiences.

Instaloop emerged as an interactive tool, offering live hashtag presentations for events. It's not just a tool but an experience that captivates users and keeps them engaged.

  • Completed:

    2023 March

  • Client:

    Code Jays

  • Location:

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Technologies:

    Front-end: React Native, React Back-end: Google Cloud, Firebase