Next Departure Case Study

Next Departure's primary objective was to develop both iOS and Android applications within a constrained timeframe, with notifications being the pivotal feature due to the time-sensitive nature of the deals.

Project Challenges :

  • We had to create applications for both iOS and Android platforms within a limited development window.
  • Given the urgency associated with mistake flight deals, ensuring timely notifications was crucial.

Our Solution:
Our team utilized React Native to combine cross-platform and native code. This choice expedited the development process.
For notifications, Firebase was used for Android, while Apple’s APNS was utilized directly for iOS. The outcome was the timely delivery of functional applications for both platforms.

The Next Departure mobile applications were successfully launched as per the stipulated schedule. They have since amassed active subscriptions and continue to serve as a reliable platform for deal seekers to discover mistake flight deals.

  • Completed:

    2020 May

  • Client:

    Next Departure

  • Location:

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Technologies:

    Front-end: React Native