WA ChatBot Case Study

Businesses today must manage customer support efficiently across multiple platforms. WaChatbot was conceptualized to address this need by automating customer support on both WhatsApp and Web.

Project Challenges :

  • Due to industry demands, we had to create a system seamlessly operating on WhatsApp and Web.
  • The solution must be versatile enough to cater to diverse business requirements while remaining user-friendly.

Our Solution:
Our team created an AI-driven multi-attendance system, leveraging PHP, SQL, and GPT technologies. This chatbot integrates directly with the user’s WhatsApp account, boasting a GPT-powered AI model that is trainable and adept at managing existing and potential customers.

WaChatbot includes an attendant system directing customers to the right department. For example, a customer seeking technical support can easily be routed to a dedicated tech support attendant, ensuring specialized assistance.

It also has a tool that lets businesses send out promotional messages to many customers at once, helping boost interest in their products or offers.

WaChatbot stands as a testament to innovation in customer support management. It streamlines operations while significantly elevating the quality of customer service for all kinds of businesses. The system has been integrated across businesses in Canada and India, marking global outreach and usability.

  • Client:

    Code Jays

  • Location:

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Services:

    Automated Bot